If you love Neoploitan style pizza you came to the right place. In my opinion Luigi’s has the best margherita pizza in the Fairfield area. The thing I like best about the pizza is that they put just the amount of red sauce on the pie. Nothing worse then skimping on the red sauce right? The crust is the typical thin crust dough with the mozzarella cheese spread throughout. Altogether the ingredients work well together
You can tell that the pizza recipe for this this family owned business has been perfected over the years.  This is classic brick oven pizza at it’s best. Bring a heart appetite because the crust is thick, chewy and delicious. I don’t get pepperoni on my pizza often but this is the best I have had to date. The picture speaks for itself doesn’t it? Oven: Brick Wait: n/a Atmosphere: Great Atmosphere Pricing: $$$
This must be the place everybody in the township of Haddon goes for pizza judging by the crowd. The coal-fired pizza definitely didn’t disappoint either. Every coal-fire place I go to adds their own special touch to pizza making. I think this place resembles what an old world Italian grandmother would make in her kitchen. The ingredients tasted so fresh as if just picked from the garden, now that’s special. I’m a harsh judge on
There are certain pizza establishments that are a mainstay when you ask people in New York where they go for pizza. Arturo’s is mentioned among the other big names like Lombardi’s or Prince Street Pizza and rightly so. I think it’s the whole pizza experience there that works nicely. You get shuffled into a room where every inch is filled with artwork and pictures that are so new York. the atmosphere is casual but borders
All you have to do is look at the post picture for Little Star and you’re done. The style of pizza is deep dish. The crust is part cornmeal added together with house red tomato sauce and they can’t help but win. But no, we’re not done…add a layer of cheese and it’s just sinful. Go look at that picture again, it looks as good as it tastes…for real.  Hands down one of the pizza

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