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brick house pizza in ridgefield
Brick OvenConnecticutNeapolitanPizzaRidgefield

Covid 19 got you singing the blues? Escape your house and get outdoor seating at Brick House in Ridgefield CT. I saw a story on it watching News 12 Connecticut so had to see for myself if it was worthy of a review. The answer is YESSSSS! I dined there on a lazy Saturday afternoon and it wasn’t packed at

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riko's hot oil pie
ConnecticutHot OilStamfordThin Crust

If you like Colony pizza in Stamford, you will love Riko’s Pizza. Why? Because the founders of Riko’s are former Colony Pizza employees. In fact Riko’s maintains the same likeness of Colony’s thin-crust pie, including “stinger” hot peppers and its signature hot oil. I have been to Colony and you have to admit it does taste very similar. If you like

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dough girls pizza truck
ConnecticutPizza TruckWood Fired

We Stumbled upon the Dough Girls Pizza Truck while at the New Haven Grand Prix Bicycle Event. The smell of the truck lured me closer and closer until I had to place my order. That and the fact that a large crowd had gathered around the truck. This was my first pizza truck so I was a bit skeptical. About 45 minutes

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Brick OvenConnecticutMilford

A friend recommended Papa’s Pizza in Milford (Devon) so I had to try it as I’m a sucker for brick oven pizza. I placed an order for pickup, one pie half sausage/bacon and one hot cherry pepper pie. They said to pick up the pie in 20min and when I got there it was ready. I was greeted warmly and was on my way home

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ConnecticutGas OvenStratford

Dining at Salerno’s certainly takes you back in time to a mom & pop shop which adds to the overall experience. The pizzeria interior has old radios and seating booths and a tin ceiling. Got there on a Friday night around 6pm. We had a 5 minute wait until we were seated and then were  promptly approached for drink orders. The waitress handed us a menu that looked more like

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Da-Legna hot cherry pepper
ConnecticutNew HavenWood Fired

What a surprise! Da Legna ‹ Cucina Rustica is certainly another New Haven contender for great pizza. I must admit I didn’t even know it was there because most of the time I’m pulling out of the Modern Apizza  parking lot and just drove by. My trusting pizza partner in crime Nicki brought the place to my attention. Wanting to explore new pizza

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Sally's Pzza in New Haven
Coal-FiredConnecticutNew Haven

Sally’s is one of my favorite New Haven pizza spots of all time. Having said that it is deadlocked at my number #1 pizza spot in New Haven and #2 favorite of all-time. A. For me I think the experience add why I like it so much. Other places may be more contemporary in terms of the location/decor but your not going to Sally’s

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Pepe's Pizza in Fairfield, CT
Coal-FiredConnecticutNew Haven

Pepes’s Pizzeria has been a mainstay in New Haven since the beginning of time and for good reason. The pizza is damn good! In my opinion it’s at a tie with Modern Apizza for my second favorite pizza in New Haven. Sally’s Apizza is one my favorite of all-time. (See the review for Sally’s and Modern Apizza) I would have to say that

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Stanziato’s Wood Fired Pizza in Danbury
ConnecticutDanburyWood Fired

Last weekend I attended a craft beer festival in Danbury, CT so I had the opportunity to check out Stanziato’s wood fired pizza. I arrived on a Sat at 5 pm and it was relatively quiet inside. The menu was a bit different then what I’m used to seeing which is great. It had a good selection of red and white pies. (never seen

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Modern Apizza in New Haven
Brick OvenConnecticutNew Haven

If crust is your thing, you would be hard-pressed to find another as good as Modern Apizza’s. I may be exaggerating a bit but remember eating english muffins as a kid? You had that perfect Brick-oven charred outside crust,  yet the inside was firm and chewy. Having said that if you don’t like a few well done spots on the crust this place is not

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