Riko’s Pizza, Stamford, CT

Connecticut, Hot Oil, Stamford, Thin Crust

If you like Colony pizza in Stamford, you will love Riko’s Pizza. Why? Because the founders of Riko’s are former Colony Pizza employees. In fact Riko’s maintains the same likeness of Colony’s thin-crust pie, including “stinger” hot peppers and its signature hot oil. I have been to Colony and you have to admit it does taste very similar. If you like spicy get the hot oil pie. I ordered one with sausage and the hot oil was just enough kick without setting your mouth on fire. If you love thin crust pizza this is your Jam! Did I mention that Riko’s is very reasonably priced. Get there!

Tip: Order the hot oil pie with your favorite topping.
Oven: Standard
Wait: n/a
Atmosphere:  Great Atmosphere for Hope Street location
Pricing: $$

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