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Nomad Margarita pie in Philadelphia
margheritaNeapolitanPhiladephiaWood Fired

If you like Neapolitan Style Pizza with influences from Naples, Nomad Pizza is your place. They boast a 4 ingredient dough that is crisp on the edges and chewy on the inside. They delivered! The buffalo mozzarella, sauce and basil were all that was needed for the margarita pie I ordered. For two people you could eat two pies easily as

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Pizzeria Beddia in Philadelphia
Gas OvenPhiladephia

**UPDATE** This location has closed. Rumor is the shop will reopen in a bigger space at some point. Good things come to those who wait. Yes it’s true! The first thing to note about Pizzeria Beddia in Philadelphia is that there are no chairs…huh? The place is small and built for takeout but that doesn’t diminish the positive pizza experience

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