Philly’s Best – Pizzeria Beddia

Gas Oven, Philadephia

**UPDATE** This location has closed. Rumor is the shop will reopen in a bigger space at some point.

Good things come to those who wait. Yes it’s true! The first thing to note about Pizzeria Beddia in Philadelphia is that there are no chairs…huh? The place is small and built for takeout but that doesn’t diminish the positive pizza experience if you eat in. This was my second trip to the pizzeria and Joe the owner and staff John were most gracious. Upon ordering your pie you are told exactly when the pizza will be ready. In my case it was 25 min from the time we ordered so you can go next door for a beer to kill the time. The place has two tables for dining in. At the time of the order both tables had customers so we hoped that by the time the pie was ready we would have a spot at one of them. Upon returning the pie was hot and we were able to share a table.

The margarita was ridiculously tasty! Just as I remembered. It is Neapolitan style (thin crust) and in 3 words, fresh, fresh, fresh.  I give it a solid number 2 spot tied with Sally’s and Modern Apizza. Yes that good! Some people don’t like the fact that you can’t call in your order but the product far outweighs that inconvenience. Having said that you can see that Joe really takes the craft of pizza making seriously and makes each and every pie to order. This place is a must visit for pizza snobs if you are in Philly. Would have easily got higher ratings but it’s just not the tradition sit down and eat restaurant.

***UPDATE*** So late August I was in Philly and decided to dine at Pizzeria Beddia for dinner. When I got there I was greeted by John who informed me that the pizzas were sold out already. The doors just opened at 5:30pm…how could they be sold out? Turns out BON APPÉTIT magazine did a spread on them and since then the demand has gone through the roof. So happy for them, great news! However I had another couple from Connecticut who were anxious to try the pies based on my reviews. Moral of the story: if you want a pie at this establishment, you better get in line at 2:30pm. This is the time they recommend because they only has a set amount of dough and once they run out, so do your chances of scoring a pie. 

Tip: You can bring your own alcohol.
Oven: Standard
Wait: 25min usually
Atmosphere: Not ideal for sit down gatherings
Pricing: $$$


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