Brick House, Ridgefield, CT

Brick Oven, Connecticut, Neapolitan, Pizza, Ridgefield

Covid 19 got you singing the blues? Escape your house and get outdoor seating at Brick House in Ridgefield CT. I saw a story on it watching News 12 Connecticut so had to see for myself if it was worthy of a review. The answer is YESSSSS! I dined there on a lazy Saturday afternoon and it wasn’t packed at first but it filled up. As I sat down I was impressed by the landscaping around the patio as it gave a rustic vibe. I decided to go with the classic margherita pie and also got the hot wings for appetizer.  Those of you who read this blog know neapolitan style isn’t my favorite type of pizza but this didn’t disappoint. I was surprised when I held the slice in my hand and it didn’t fall to pieces on the table. The crust was  magnifique in one word and held it’s ground. The tomato sauce was savory and almost had me wanting to get a side of it for dipping. This is a solid place if you like Brick Oven pizza. On a Side Note: The buffalo wings were decent and fell off the bone.

Tip: Call in to reserve a table on the weekend
Oven: Brick
Wait: Average
Atmosphere:  Good Date Place; Seating Outside
Pricing: $$$

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