Sallys Apizza 2.0

Coal-Fired, Connecticut

Sally’s has been my go to spot for pizza so this review is difficult to write. As most Sally fans know, the original ownership sold the business several months ago. Among the new things that has changed is that it is fully staffed to reduce wait times and you can use credit card payment now as well as cash. These are all good changes for the customer. The original Sally’s crew remained in transition to ensure the integrity of the pizza remained. However once the original crew left the pizza did take a hit. I know… so sad. I went there twice just to make sure it wasn’t an off day but the pizza is definitely different. It’s still good but not quite what it once was! Most notable is that the crust is different and not as thick and hearty as it use to be. Also the ratio of cheese to sauce was off as I was wondering “where’s the cheese and the sauce?” Don’t just trust me, look for yourself. I made a side by side comparison. The picture says it all! I miss you original Sally’s. However, I guess this is to be expected when you change ownership.

Tip: For sit down service visit on the weekday; weekends are busy
Oven: Coal-Fired
Wait: 45 Minutes
Atmosphere:  Good Date Place; Seating Outside
Pricing: $$$

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