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Scott’s Pizza Tour

With the Holidays around the corner I thought I would write about Scott’s Pizza Tours in New York City. If you keep your ear to the ground in the pizza scene you’ve probably have head of Scott. He’s an author, writes an award-winning column for Pizza Today Magazine, and is featured in the New York Museum for Pizza. He also is the founder of the pizza tour.

First of all Scott’s Pizza tour it’s a must if you like pizza. Second, cross it off your Pizza Bucket List if you love pizza. I enjoyed the tour so much that after my first tour (Original Crosstown Walk) I had to do another (Brooklyn Tour). I have to say both were phenomenal. Both of these tours were easy walking tours however they also have other tours via bus.

Now a little more about the specific tours I went on. The Original Tour took us walking through Greenwich Village for part of the tour. You will hit some not only famous but iconic pizza restaurants like Lombardi’s. I won’t give away all the locations way but you at least go to 3. The best part is you are sampling the pizza at each location and it’s delicious but different at each locale. Another time I did the Brooklyn tour which I recommend as well. We hit a few joints in Brooklyn that were solid including Sottocasa.

The tours are great because you get to discover the history behind each location, the various types of pizza ovens and of course what makes a great pie. All while meeting new people and sharing a slice or two, or three.
Hopefully, I have whet your appetite enough that you are heading over to the website right now!

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