It’s a long way from Connecticut to Brooklyn but foodies don’t hesitate to travel for the best experience. Such was the case with a spot I had heard about when watching The Pizza Show on Vice. Not longer then 5 seconds from the time you enter you see the owner, Domenico De Marco making each pie one at a time and with care. I got there a little after noon so the shop had already been open for 20 minutes. They was a line of about 25 people waiting to order.  After waiting 5 minutes to put in the order we sat down and 4o minutes later we were rewarded! We ordered a round pie, half sausage. I like my pizza with a good amount of sauce and it didn’t disappoint. The sauce to cheese ratio was perfect not to mention that the crust was well done but not burnt. The crust was like something I never experienced before. I feel you could have just cooked the dough, dab it with some butter and it would have been delicious by itself. So glad I made the trip and you will be too. I do have to add for a very busy mom and pop shop the customer service was exemplary.

Tip: Get there after the first wave of patrons about 1pm. Try the square style.
Oven: Standard
Wait: 40min
Atmosphere: Not that many seats to eat there so get take out
Pricing: $$$

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