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Brick OvenNeapolitanStratford

Want an old school feel with a modern pizza flare? This place is it. The moment you sit down you feel you are in a vintage gas station but their fuel is pizza. It really has a great vibe if you are looking to go for happy hour or date night. One side of the restaurant opens up like a

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Letizia's Pizza
Norwalkpizza sauceThin Crust

Letizia’s Pizza is a hidden gem in Norwalk, CT. When I lived in Norwalk it was one of my number one spots for pizza. I was surprised to learn I hadn’t reviewed it yet. Apparently, I’ve been gone for too long. What make Letizia’s so special is the sauce. It’s tastes as if your grandmother made it. It has just the

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saucyWood Fired

Funny thing about Emily… We were waiting one Saturday evening to get into Rubirosa for pizza, what else? (Nolita, NYC) The wait was an hour so we put our name on the list and got drinks at Seamore’s which was a few blocks away by foot. (Seamore’s had some very good craft cocktails so check them out) We got back

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Di Fara Pizza
BrooklynsaucyStandard Pizza Oven

It’s a long way from Connecticut to Brooklyn but foodies don’t hesitate to travel for the best experience. Such was the case with a spot I had heard about when watching The Pizza Show on Vice. Not longer then 5 seconds from the time you enter you see the owner, Domenico De Marco making each pie one at a time and with

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pizano's pizza
ChicagoDeep Dish

This joint was jumping on a Friday evening and it wasn’t not hard to see why. As a matter of fact Pizano’s was my favorite deep dish pizza in Chicago until I had Lou Malnati’s. The only difference is that the dough was a more bready. The sauce like Malnati’s is a homemade style seasoned to perfection with slices of

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