Emily, West Village, NY


Funny thing about Emily… We were waiting one Saturday evening to get into Rubirosa for pizza, what else? (Nolita, NYC) The wait was an hour so we put our name on the list and got drinks at Seamore’s which was a few blocks away by foot. (Seamore’s had some very good craft cocktails so check them out) We got back to Rubirosa and while we were waiting we got that word from a fellow patron that Emily’s in the West Village is popular. It wasn’t until a few weeks later we got the chance to make the visit and it was worth the trek into the city. I don’t like it when sauce is skimpy on a pizza so I was happy to see that was not the case when the pizza came out. Visually, the pie reminded me of your very best effort to make a pizza at home but even better. In fact it looked so good I took a bite of the corner piece then remembered I had to take a pic for this blog, sorry. I loved the sauce and the crust was golden and delicious. Yes, it was that good. By the way, the craft cocktails here were great too. I love NYC for spots like these that only the locals seems to know about.

Tip: Make reservations
Oven: Standard
Wait: 25min
Atmosphere:  Perfect for date night
Pricing: $$$

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