PizzaCo in Stratford, CT

Brick Oven, Neapolitan, Stratford

Want an old school feel with a modern pizza flare? This place is it. The moment you sit down you feel you are in a vintage gas station but their fuel is pizza. It really has a great vibe if you are looking to go for happy hour or date night. One side of the restaurant opens up like a garage so you can eat outside if you prefer. I tried the meatballs for an appetizer and a pizza dubbed “Overheated”. Both were superb. The meatballs were delicious and tasted like someones grandmother made them. The pie was great too if you love spicy food. The ingredients like the mozzarella and parmigiano cheese were so fresh. I prefer a more thick crust but if you like Neapolitan style pizza you will feel right at home. I was there on a Saturday and they broke out piñatas which was filled with various alcohol nibs which they shared with all the customers. Altogether a solid place and well done PizzaCo!

Tip: Weekends are busy, so plan for that
Oven: Standard
Wait: Average
Atmosphere:  Good Date Place
Pricing: $$$

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