Sam’s Restaurant, Brooklyn

sam's restaurant

Built in 1930’s Sam’s Restaurant has a lot of history.  Sam’s restaurant is no exception.Built in 1930’s Sam’s Restaurant has a lot of history. I was fortunate to take a tour of the kitchen with accompanied by Lou the owner as he showed how a pie is made. The pizza oven was gigantic and a converted, gas line heats the brick. Lou prepared the dough pressing the air bubbles out then layered a low moisture, cubed cheese on the pizza which I had never seen before. Yes I said cubed cheese.  He then topped the cheese with a canned tomato sauce. He said he was taught to make a pizza this way. Lou placed the masterpiece in the oven and in about 5 minutes it was done.

This was like no other pizza I have ever tasted before. The cheese was so creamy, it was unbelievable.  The sauce was savory and the crust was perfect and evenly cooked with a charred crust edge, beautiful. I didn’t know Brooklyn had so many great pizza joints!

Tip: There are good places to go for those with a sweet tooth in the area (farmacy – ice ream and soda fountain shop)
Oven: Converted Coal Fired Oven to Gas
Wait: N/A
Atmosphere: Good Family Atmosphere
Pricing: $$

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