Sally’s, Sally’s, Sally’s!

Sally's Pzza in New Haven

Sally’s is one of my favorite New Haven pizza spots of all time. Having said that it is deadlocked at my number #1 pizza spot in New Haven and #2 favorite of all-time. A. For me I think the experience add why I like it so much. Other places may be more contemporary in terms of the location/decor but your not going to Sally’s to buy furniture. Your going for the pizza which is served up in a baking sheet. No plates just a sheet and utensils. Man vs Pizza!  If your lucky enough not to wait in line it will be a 2o minute wait on average and with an additional 25 minutes after you order your pizza. More often then not you’ll be greeted and seated by Lorenzo who is part of the staff. (the giveaway is his humongous calf muscles) Lorenzo is a very personable guy who is always a pleasure to encounter. The pizza does not disappoint! I recently invited a couple that had Modern Apizza the week before and they preferred Sally’s. Why? I think because all the the main ingredients, crust, sauce and cheese are outstanding. No one ingredient outshines the other.  The sauce is like a homemade marinara and blends nicely with the fresh mozzarella and crust. Unlike some other pizza places, this one tastes just as good the day after!

Tip:Order to go and skip the line on weekends

Oven: Coal-fired

Wait: 45min-1 hour

Atmosphere: Good Atmosphere

Pricing: $$$ (CASH ONLY)

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