Pepe’s Pizzeria or Sally’s…that is the question?

Coal-Fired, Connecticut, New Haven

Pepes’s Pizzeria has been a mainstay in New Haven since the beginning of time and for good reason. The pizza is damn good! In my opinion it’s at a tie with Modern Apizza for my second favorite pizza in New Haven. Sally’s Apizza is one my favorite of all-time. (See the review for Sally’s and Modern Apizza) I would have to say that if you hungry and it’s the weekend you better factor 30-45min into your wait time. Because of this reason I recommend trying the Fairfield or Danbury location first. Once you make it past the wait you got it made. I can honestly say Pepe’s has one of the best crusts ever! The coal-fire oven bakes a nice crispy outside and chewy inside. I usually go with a half sausage, half bacon combo. (Pictured above) Note: It may not matter to you but their sausage is sliced not crumbled. Plenty of cheese and sauce throughout the pie makes it hearty so bring your appetite. The service is good for their flagship location.

Tip: Non New Haven location have better wait times
Oven: Coal-fired
Wait: 30min
Atmosphere: Good Atmosphere
Pricing: $$$

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