Is Modern Apizza the best pizza in New Haven?

Brick Oven, Connecticut, New Haven

If crust is your thing, you would be hard-pressed to find another as good as Modern Apizza’s. I may be exaggerating a bit but remember eating english muffins as a kid? You had that perfect Brick-oven charred outside crust,  yet the inside was firm and chewy. Having said that if you don’t like a few well done spots on the crust this place is not for you. It’s no wonder Modern Apizza is occupies my second favorite pizza local in New Haven (behind Sally’s) and third favorite pizza spot of all-time. (Tied for #2 with Pepe’s and Sally’s…duh!) It goes without saying that the cheese and tomato sauce are a perfect compliment to the crust.  The ambiance is okay, typical pizza joint but makes a great date spot. No craft brews on tap but they do have Yuengling amongst the usual suspects.

Tip: Avoid the weekend and avoid the wait. Separate entrance for pickup in rear.
Oven: Brick-oven
Wait: 20-25min
Atmosphere: Good Atmosphere
Pricing: $$$

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